What readers are saying about "Looking Backward: 2162-2012"


5.0 out of 5 stars         “Excellent Introduction to Libertarian Solutions for Society and the Economy,” December 3, 2012

“Going into this book I intellectually agreed with libertarian ideas (socially liberal, financially conservative), but had a hard time envisioning how some things like environmentalism and consumer protection could actually work without wholesale government intervention and regulation.

“I decided to read this specific book as an introduction to libertarian ideas because I was captured by the idea of seeing how an entire society could function as a whole rather than just looking at dry arguments for why big government is bad and arcane explanations of political principles. Beth does a great job of touching on every aspect of society and government that you could think of. You'll have an answer for every, "But how could that possibly work?" question that your friends pose you.

“Beth was also very friendly and accessible when I wrote to her about a few questions I had about her book.

“As a final note, don't be fooled by the low 99 cent price tag on the Kindle Edition. The writing in Looking Backward: 2012 - 2162 is top quality, and formatted very well.”


5.0 out of 5 stars         “A Surprisingly Fast Read,” October 4, 2012

“This book delivered Libertarian ideas, how and why they would work, all in a very easy to read format. Every time I read a book to learn more about a topic I always finish it wondering why it couldn't be delivered in a way that tells a story and is fun to read. This author is able to do that, I learned a lot while being wrapped up in the story. I'm looking forward to more.”


5.0 out of 5 stars         “If you truly believe in freedom this is the book for you,” September 7, 2012

“The author presents a solid case for a future libertarian/voluntaryist society where the highest value is place in personal liberty. While the author admits that the world Professor West wakes up in is a borderline utopian libertarian world, she is intellectually honest enough to offer possible shortcomings to said world. The most worrisome aspect of the book is her description of the United States and it's future. I found myself repeatedly saying "yeah I can see that happening". The only implausible aspect of the story is how Professor West ended up in 2162. But once you read the story and see how much their government differs from what we must deal with, it is easy to suspend belief for that part of the book. I highly recommend and hope to see more from this author.”


5.0 out of 5 stars         “Food for Thought,” July 30, 2012

“This is a piece of "fiction," but could it not be reality in the near future? Read and decide for yourself. The way that Beth ties in some of the big government actions of today and shows how a free society can best handle situations that arise is superb. Point by point she shows that freedom is the answer for everything, but requires sacrifice and is not a bed of roses. Due to us being out of scale for a constitutional republic, this path that Beth lays out could be the answer for the pending division that will someday take place. Will we begin to plan and peacefully divide when the need arises or will the division be not so peaceful? Although this portion of the continent may not look specifically as Beth lays out, it will someday look substantially different. Hopefully many will read Beth's book and use this as one of the many tools to rebuild this portion of the continent into multiple countries that provide multiple types of governments to fit each of our desires. This book is an important cog in the battle to return to the human scale for representative government.”


5.0 out of 5 stars         “Excellent read,” July 2, 2012

“Beth Cody does an excellent job in this work of fiction. This book should be a primer on what libertarianism means to those who are questioning the wisdom of the current political landscape. Even a skeptic will question their views if they read the book as an inquiry into libertarian thought. Beth wrote an excellent work for her first time, she touched on every subject that currently plagues contemporary political life and lays it out in a fiction work of conversation, persuasion, and thought. I am very glad to have read this book and plan on purchasing some more for friends and for discussion points for others who have libertarian ideas.”


5.0 out of 5 stars         “Great Introduction to Libertarian Beliefs!” June 17, 2012

“As we enter another election year and are forced to listen to advertisements where the same type of politician spews the same old stale, partisan "ideas", I find myself wishing that Ms. Cody's book was required reading for every politician and voter in the United States! While implementation might be difficult, at least they might actually find real solutions for the problems we face today. Thank you, Beth.”

5.0 out of 5 stars         “Impressed” May 5, 2012

“This is a very impressive book from a first time author. Beth Cody has written a bold and (I dare say) transcending look into the future of America and the world that we know. The book is scary in many ways. When you sit back and wonder how our current existance can survive with massive debt spending, never ending entitlement programs, continual government interjections, ect... you always wonder if (or when) the bubble will burst. This book takes you through an interesting course of just that. If you are a person of "moderate" political ideology (such as myself) you will probably read this and remain skeptical/dubious to how this new world will work. Just as the main character does. But the more you read, the more you will like, and the more you will believe. A Libertarian approach to to this brave new world seems exactly what we need. Bravo Beth!”

5.0 out of 5 stars         “Thought Provoking,” April 28, 2012

“Simply put, it's a good read. I strongly recommend this book for anyone concerned about the direction this country is going in. Cody did well in deciding to do a modern take on Edward Bellamy's 19th Century socialist utopian novel, "Looking Backward: 2000-1887." You can't help but ponder about the world around you when reading Beth's book. ~ Mike Thayer, Publisher, Coralville Courier”

5.0 out of 5 stars         “Existentialism and Libertarianism intertwined,” April 6, 2012

“Beth Cody has truly put forth an excellent effort here. She has, perhaps without realizing same, intertwined two of the most important and meaningful approaches to life- existentialism and libertarianism, through the vehicle of a fictional, political novel.

“Ms. Cody has skilfully depicted the basic tenets of libertarianism by demonstrating how they apply to real life situations- to wit, law, love, life, health, psychology, pedagogy and much more. She has also created a realistic analysis of what a post United States "America" (geopolitically speaking) would look like and feel like. And the result is mostly positive!

“Try this, you'll like it....and may be pleasantly surprised.”


5.0 out of 5 stars         “Great Libertarian Novel,” February 18, 2012

“Anyone interested in politics will find this book a lot of fun to read. The plot is clever, the characters are well developed and interesting, and the writing is always lively and clear. Along the way, the book delivers careful libertarian analysis of nearly every political issue imaginable.

“Even seasoned libertarians will find fresh insights in this book, and non-libertarians will find their world views seriously challenged. Anyone who is new to libertarianism will find the book very useful, since it will fill in the gaps that most newcomers have in their understanding of libertarian answers to a variety of problems. Five stars!”


Comment Jun 10, 2012 4:34:04

“It is a well written and probably accurate in my opinion. I enjoyed the style and format so much I did not want to stop reading. She has the type of background that allows her to write such a novel and in my opinion most authors read a few articles and they become experts. It should be read by every voter in America, tomorrow.”


(From mises.org) “Hey there, I am a libertarian student from France. I thought introductions were in order since it's my very first post here. I would like to start right away with a piece of literature I thought you might be interested in. The book is called Looking Backward: 2012-2162 A View from a Future Libertarian Republic by Beth Cody. I am of the opinion this is one of the very best books about libertarianism I ever read. First of all, it is funny and entertaining. It goes straight to the point as it mostly consists of dialogue between a character who lived in 2012 and was accidentally catapulted far away in time, the year is 2162. Here he finds out about the Free States of America, a libertarian republic (with strong minarchist overtones) located in the Midwest of the US. The book tackles many aspects ranging from education to insurance and the environment. It is fast-paced and quite compelling. It is an easy read, especially for socialist people who are uninterested in reading Human Action or Man, Economy and the State. It's also a nice way to brush up on your libertarianism. If you happen to know the book, I'm inviting you to like the Facebook page. If you don't, I warmly encourage you to read it. You can get it for $0.99 from Amazon (Kindle version).”