Books about Libertarianism

There have been many great books published about libertarian ideas. A few of the best introductions to the philosophy are shown below (links are given to where other reviews can be found):

Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart
Healing Our World is a life-changing introduction to libertarianism and how it can heal our world of its current ills: poverty, lack of access to medical care, environmental threats. Ruwart's main point is that non-aggression – honoring our neighbors' choices (so long as they aren't threatening our lives or property) – also best serves our own interests. This is a compassionate book that will appeal to “liberals” and “conservatives” alike. If you can read only one book about libertarian ideas, this should be it.

What it Means to Be a Libertarian by Charles Murray
Charles Murray, infamous author of The Bell Curve, wrote this short book in a clear, readable style that elegantly describes how society would function best, free of onerous regulations and government bureaucracies.

Libertarianism in One Lesson by David Bergland
This is a concise introduction to the main ideas of libertarianism that is easy to read and understand. Bergland was the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1984, and his book, first published at that time, has been re-issued many times, each time getting better (the latest edition was published in 2005). Highly recommended.

The Great Libertarian Offer by Harry Browne
Browne, the 2000 Libertarian Presidential candidate, shows how we can get from today’s oversized, $2 trillion federal government to a libertarian America in which you can live as a free person and live your life as you think best, not as bureaucrats demand. A fascinating, practical plan for downsizing the government.