Other Miscellaneous Writings by Beth Cody

“Reaction Paper #2”, Government and Politics of the Far East, April 19, 1996
This was the only course paper I could locate from my undergraduate years at the University of Iowa. Although I was not a libertarian yet, the paper focuses on civil liberties, particularly freedom of speech, so libertarian ideas were clearly germinating in my mind.

“Balance in Hapkido and Life”, Hapkido Statement of Philosophy October 1999
Hapkido students are required to write a Statement of Philosophy for each black belt-level test. This was my first Statement of Philosophy (and almost certainly my best Hapkido paper), written for my test for Recommended 1st-degree black belt. It was chosen to be included in a published book of black belt papers called “Indomitable Spirits: A Collection of Martial Arts Essays”, Ames, Iowa, McMillan Publishing, 2001.

Hapkido Statement of Philosophy, July 2000
Written for my 1st-degree black belt test.

“Flow” Hapkido Statement of Philosophy, December 2001
This paper was written for my 2nd-degree black belt test.

“Hapkido and Human Liberty” Hapkido Statement of Philosophy, October 2007
By this time, I have made the connection between the principles of Hapkido and the principles of libertarianism, and attempt to connect the dots in this paper written for my 3rd-degree black belt test.

"Lifelong Learning" Hapkido Statement of Philosophy, October 2011
This paper, written for my 4th-degree black belt test, focuses on the importance of continuing to learn as we go through the phases of our lives, which I have begun to reflect more upon as I now homeschool my two children.