GOP needs to change on immigration, gays and war
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Beth Cody, Writers’ Group member
Iowa City Press-Citizen

The election is over, and the GOP has been handed their heads on platters, once again. I know that suggestions fall on mostly deaf ears, but I will offer them anyway, because I do believe that the Republican Party is closer to being the party of freedom than the other party.

The Republicans didn’t lose the presidential election simply because Mitt Romney was an unconvincing candidate. A much larger reason is what the GOP itself represents, which is what many people vote for or against.

And the GOP has a big problem: it now stands for denying people happiness.

This miserably negative state is the result of the party’s stance on three major issues:

1. Immigration. The GOP claims to stand for hard work, entrepreneurship, risking and sacrificing for the future, and religiousness. Except when the people who exhibit these traits – a natural constituency for the GOP, one would think – weren’t born here in the United States.

I know, Republicans claim they have no problem with legal immigrants, just with people who “break the law.” But bad laws deserve no respect.

Laws that attempt to thwart the best qualities in our God-given human nature are an abomination. It is our nature to take the initiative to improve our families’ lives rather than passively wait for decades for bureaucrats to save our children from poverty and death under corrupt governments. The law should be changed so that more people of such initiative can be welcomed.

We should be generous and yes, Christian enough, to welcome others who wish to join us, not try to keep them out so that we will have “more” (a ridiculous idea economically, because immigrants make jobs with their added demand for goods, they don’t just take other people’s jobs).

Let the labor union-controlled Democrats be the anti-immigrant Party. The GOP should be the magnanimous party of economic freedom and plenty.   

2. Gay Marriage. This non-starter shouldn’t even be an issue. That Republicans allow themselves to be worked up into such an ugly froth over other people’s business only shows them to be ridiculous and hateful – not a group one wishes to join.

Like with immigration, to deny others the same rights that we ourselves enjoy is to step firmly onto the wrong side of history, against freedom’s progress.

Let the Democrats be the party of divorce and living together without obligation. The GOP should be the party of the values of marriage and commitment, for everyone who honors such things.

3. War. The GOP claims to stand for “defense,” but nearly all our military actions are decidedly “offensive” in nature, not merely defending our own borders, but meddling, bullying, coercing and damaging other nations in the name of strategic “interests.”

If a man wishes to defend his family, he doesn’t run up to every bully on the streets and punch him in the nose, just in case he might be thinking of bullying. Nor does he issue threats in all directions. These do not make his family safer.

Let the Democrats be the party who are irrationally and emotionally moved to drain our economy and squander our soldiers’ lives for “good causes.” The GOP should be the voice of reason, refusing to waste our hard-earned money and our good men and women on fools’ errands.

I have not mentioned the abortion issue, which is certainly divisive. If most Republicans believe that abortion is murder, they should stand against it, but they should be very careful not to come off as standing against women’s freedom.

In fact, they should do far more to emphasize that the greatest freedom comes from economic wealth, which gives people significantly more choices in their lives and allows for the pursuit of happiness.

This is the prime message that the Republican party should be focusing on. If they do, the GOP – and Americans – will surely come out winners.