Ron Paul is Republicans’ best choice
By Beth Cody, Writers’ Group member
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Sunday, December 30, 2007

Iowans have a chance this Thursday to make a difference in the course our country takes by voting in the caucus. And many are listening to the ideas of one candidate: Ron Paul. Among all the candidates, his message most closely follows the wise blueprint that our Founding Fathers designed for us.

Aware of how governments tend toward corruption and abuse, the Founders strictly limited the power of federal government over our lives. Unfortunately, we have forsaken their plan and every year finds us enjoying fewer freedoms and relying more on government care and “protection”.

Ron Paul’s message of small government, individual responsibility, low taxes and not interfering in other countries’ affairs actually seems a bit radical today, something the Founders would lament.

The Republican Party used to be the party that fought these pernicious trends, standing for low taxes, not government handouts. But now Americans correctly identify them as the party of big government, corruption, corporate favoritism and endless war.

Ron Paul is precisely what the ailing Party needs. He is truly the most “conservative” candidate:

1. He is by far the most fiscally-conservative candidate. He would lower taxes significantly and scale back the size of federal government.
2. He strongly supports Americans’ right to bear arms.
3. From a Texas border county, he is “tough on immigration” and proposes to enforce our borders more effectively.
4. As an obstetrician who has delivered more than 4000 babies, he is decidedly pro-life. He believes that this issue, like most, is best left to states to decide.
5. He supports property rights against eminent domain seizures, free-market health care solutions, and tax credits for private schools and home-schoolers.
6. His anti-war stance is wholly consistent with Republican history (President Bush actually ran as a non-interventionist in 2000), and is based on the Founders’ warnings against “entangling alliances”. Then as now, there were power-hungry countries and leaders such as Napoleon. The Founders knew the dangers of getting drawn into taking sides, sacrificing our citizens in far-away countries for nebulously-defined causes, and losing domestic freedoms as a result of wartime “emergencies”. They believed America should literally mind her own business, and the result was the unprecedented living standards and freedoms that have made our country the greatest place to live. This is the truly “conservative” view of war.

Ron Paul is a candidate to be taken seriously. The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll of Iowa Republicans shows that, after Huckabee and Romney, he is neck-and-neck with Thompson and Giuliani. (His numbers may be understated, because many of his supporters are too recently-registered as Republicans to have been polled.)

Each of the candidates has had his moment of ascendancy: First McCain and Giuliani, then Thompson, followed by Romney, and now Huckabee. It is not inconceivable that Ron Paul will have his own moment before the convention in September – eight months is an eternity in politics, after all.

And his fundraising numbers have been astonishing: He has raised nearly $19 million in the fourth quarter – more than any Republican candidate raised last quarter.

Most importantly, Ron Paul is probably the only Republican candidate who could win the general election against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. The others are all hamstrung by their support of a war that at least two-thirds of Americans oppose.

So if you want a candidate who has a real chance, and you believe that the Founders of our great country knew what they were doing, please attend Thursday’s caucus and vote for Ron Paul (you can find your caucus site at the Johnson County website). You can even register as a Republican at the door – but be sure to be there early, because doors close promptly at 7 p.m.

To find out more about the Republican candidate who champions the original ideas of both America and the Republican Party, visit Ron Paul’s website: